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Every day I influence my sons’ theology (what they believe about God). Since Christmas and Easter are core to our faith, it’s during these holidays I want to maximize the time to communicate what we believe.

God loves us so much. Because of His love, He desired to restore our relationship with Him. So He sent His son, Jesus, to us as a baby. Jesus, God with us, lived on this earth and grew in wisdom & stature and favor with God & man.

He served others. He healed in the power of the Spirit. He directed attention back to His Father.

Then came time to fulfill the will God had for him…to save the world through his death & resurrection.  Jesus fulfilled the Old Testament prophecies…He was the Messiah, the Savior. Christ our Lord.

I know communicating these truths to children can be challenging. But here is a post on one way I helped the boys understand the work of Christ on our behalf:

Making Easter Personal for Preschoolers

& some ideas for books for baskets & activities to communicate the story:

What We’re Reading {Easter Edition}