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Know God

Know God

I’ve written before about how our theology directly effects our living. Even though “theology” seems like a fancy religious word and our brains turn off when we read it, I argue every person on the planet believes something about God, having their personal theology. Whether they believe there is no God or they believe He is far off and absent, they still have a theology.

If the purpose of this site to help moms get God-centered then I need to spend time writing about the God we want to center around.

Because I’ve written about the “why” you should get God-centered and about the “how” to get God-centered, but I’ve often neglected the “who”.

Knowing the God who created you (yes, I believe He is the Creator) and who sustains you (He is actively involved in our days) and who has big plans for you (You were not an accident), I believe creates a frame for life. Like an embroidery hoop, having a firm structure surrounding the day in and day out helps us work easily without anxiety. Instead of flopping around, we are held tightly. We can see clearly and walk securely knowing Him.

This is what we know:

Know God…is close to the brokenhearted.

Know…He hears.

Know…He can’t be contained

Know…He is three-in-one