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The 4th Blessing

The 4th Blessing

After 6 years of marriage we celebrated the birth of our huge 9 1/2 pound first son. Since my hubby has 3 sisters and his dad has 4 sisters, we were thrilled to have a boy and carry on the strong “MacFadyen” name. Little did we know 6 1/2 years (to the day!) after the birth of our 1st son, our 4th son would be born. 4 boys in exactly 6 1/2 years… yeah, I think we’ve got that last name pretty well covered. One of those boys should be able to find a wife and make a couple of cute kids.

As much as I adore my boys, this Barbie-loving, theater-going ballerina grieved the thought of never. ever. having a girl. Here are some of my thoughts on the topic of being a “boy mom”:

Once my little guy arrived I was in love, yet the load of caring for 4 boys caught up with me. Until I final realized I just didn’t feel like myself. Whether it was officially post-partum depression, anxiety or the reality of life with 4 children, I didn’t feel right. A friend encouraged me to talk to someone. I chose a Christian counselor. If you have similar feelings, I pray you find someone to tell. I promise you will feel relief simply saying the words, “I don’t feel like myself.”